Monday, 29 December 2008

Order of the Red Banner

The order of the red banner (Russian Орден "Крaсного Знамени") is the first order created by the USSR (Soviet Union). The order of the red banner originally appeared on 16th September 1918 but was not truly established until 1st August 1924.

The first person to ever recieve the order was Vasily Konstantinovich Blyukher (Russian: Василий Константинович Блюхер) on 28th September 1918 for his command of the 10,000-strong South Urals Partisan Army during the Russian civil war. In two months Vasily Blyukher marched his troops 1,500km while fighting the white forces.

Other famous individuals to have recevied the order of the red banner are

  • Georgy Zhukov (3 times)
  • British spy Kim Philby
  • Sniper Vasily Zaytsev
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Marshal Semyon Timoshenko (5 times)
The order of the red banner was the highest decoration given for courage, honour and valour in military deeds even after other medals were created until the order of Lenin was established on April 6th 1930.

The order was worn on the left breast as a badge, a ribbon was later added that was red with a white central stripe and narrow white stripes on the outside edge of the ribbon.

In total an estimated five hundred and eighty thousand order of the red banner decorations have been given since its inauguration.

For collectors of USSR medals the order is a must but is difficult to get hold of. Even if one does become available they are generally very expensive to purchase because of how rare they are.

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