Saturday, 10 January 2009

German Prisoner of War Camps WW2

During the duration of World War Two all sides had their own prisoner of war camps (PoW camps for short). Everyone is well aware of the camps that the German Nazi regime had yet little is ever mentioned of the prisoner of war camps the United States and United Kingdom had with many German soldiers kept in them.

Today I have posted a list of German prisoner of war camps the Nazi regime established in World War Two for keeping soldiers of all allied countries prisoner.

The Nazi regime had different types of prisoner of war camps dependant on the type of allied military personnel kept there as shown below.
  • Dulag or Durchgangslager (transit camp) – A collection point for POWs prior to reassignment.
  • Stalag or Stammlager (base camp) – Enlisted personnel POW camps.
  • Oflag or Offizier-Lager (officer camp) – Officers POW camps.
  • Stalag Luft or Luftwaffe-Stammlager (Luftwaffe base camp) – Aircrew POW camps administered by the Luftwaffe.
  • Marlag or Marine-Lager (marine camp) – Navy personnel POW camps.
  • Milag or Marine-Internierten-Lager (marine internment camp) – Merchant seamen internment camps.
  • Ilag/Jlag or Internierungslager (internment camp) – Civilian internment camps.
Attached in Excel is a list of all known German prisoner of war camps from World War Two, click here to download the Excel sheet with all the German prisoner of war camps.

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