Thursday, 19 February 2009

Order of Glory 1st class

The Order of Glory 1st class, Orden "Slavy" (Pervoj Stepeni in Russian, was commissioned on 8th November 1943.

The Order of Glory 1st class is the highest of the three Order of Glory classes and is awarded to non commissioned officers and those of the lower classes who have already gained a 2nd and 3rd class Order of Glory and shown further bravery during battle against the enemy.

In total two thousand six hundred and twenty 1st class orders were awarded.

The first class order is a gold star with a central gold plate showing the Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin with a red five pointed star at the top of the tower and a red banner underneath with gold writing saying “Slava” which means glory. On the read there is a raised circle with the letters CCCP (USSR).

The Oder of Glory has an orange ribbon with three black stripes and is called the “Georgian Ribbon” as it is the same as that of the Cross of St. George.

Type 1 – Variation one – Rare and difficult to find. Mostly made of gold and with the numbers stamped on the back.

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