Tuesday, 18 November 2014

DLRG Plakette für Rettung aus Lebensgefahr 1921

The DLRG Plakette für Rettung aus Lebensgefahr translates as the Plaque for rescue from danger to life from the year 1921. This is the earliest badge given by the DLRG

In 1913 the German Life Saving Association was born, in German this is Deutschen Lebensrettungsgesellschaft or abbreviated to DLRG. The DLRG was created to train water safety to people and is a non-profit organization still active today - Link to DLRG website.

At its inception, the DLRG created three different levels of proficiency, these being Grundschein, Leistungschein and Lehrschein.

The Grundschein level was a certificate and bronze lapel showcasing the words Grundschein.

The Leistungschein level of proficiency was an intermediate level qualification that resulted in a silver badge showing the words Leistungschein at the top the badge with a man holding a rescued person on the badge itself. This level also gave a certificate.

The top level was the Lehrschein and this was again awarded a certificate and a silver badge with the word Lehrschein at the top, also depicting a man holding a rescued person. Those of Lehrschein level were classed as instructors of others.

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